Thursday, April 12, 2012

9/11 poem #1

If Bin Laden read Dr. Suess by Mark Kuhar 2001 September 18

I found it appropriate that the poet chose to utilize a children’s political cartoonist to couch his venomous feelings towards Bin Laden. When the speaker if the poem implores Bin Laden to “fire up some Afghani red” and “go to a soccer game” he takes on a similar tune to that of a over-coddled latchkey kid whose latest crisis consists of being out of pop-tarts or Capri-Sun juice drinks.  The sense of entitlement held by poets continues to befuddle me. What gives a poet license to suggest, “the arab world needs a savior, not a fugitive killer” while explicitly stating that Bin Laden should “feed five thousand with loaves and fish.” Anger and feelings of hurt is one thing: stupidity and hypocrisy are another. Let me get this correct: “the arab world needs a savior” and the poet suggests that Bin Laden perform Christ-like miracles? Are you confused? I am. I’ll go back to my red-dot books and attempt to craft a critique of them. 

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